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What we do?

We take the time, cost, and hassle out of finding the right talent at the right time

How we are different

How we are different


Talent provisioning

as a Services

  • Make available resources to you, with the skills you want, when you want them and at the most cost effective price points. iQB stresses on making sure the competency levels of resources – on both technical and not technical skills - are appropriately assessed and the resources have a holistic experience so that they can be productive in the role they are going to be engaged on from the day one. This also includes, assessing on the right behavioral skills required to work as a Team and collaborate with other teams and groups.

  • iQB works closely with its clients to assess their specific needs and design curated programs to address the short-term, mid-term and long-term Talent related requirements. The solutions are carefully crafted that work for our clients from different perspectives – engagement model, commercial model and the effectiveness of the Talent services offered



  Dedicated Capacity

        as a Service

  • Clients can have a dedicated capacity carved out for them, which is complete in terms of the diverse skills required to execute the project and has the minimal team structure to establish controls for intake, execution and delivery of work packages, status reporting, inter and intra team communications and handling escalations, if any.

  • iQB offers flexible engagement and commercial structures which meets the business objectives of its clients. These dedicated capacities can also be setup on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model for clients looking to eventually take complete  control. 


         Team as a Service

  • iQB believes that small teams are more cohesive and more productive. The team members gel together very well and the cultural alignment and team bonding delivers a significantly higher productivity, relative to putting highly competent resources together as a team, who work as individual contributors, and may not be great team players  

  • These high productive teams typically get formed around a leader where the team members trust their leader and also trust each other, because of similar working DNA or past affinities. iQB believes that the same team members might not deliver the same high  productivity if their small team is broken and the individuals moved around in different teams 

  • iQB offers its clients these small teams as a service and charges a fixed monthly subscription for the team as a whole


    Talent acquisition

        as a Service

  • Clients who have experienced the services from iQB and a steady state has been reached, look to hive-off and transfer a part of their Talent acquisition costs and teams to iQB to save the hassle for them and manage the Talent acquisition function more as an outcome based service provided by iQB. More importantly this allows our clients to focus on the other Talent Management priorities they have and outsource this relatively more transactional function to iQB.

 How we are different?


  and Boundaryless


COVID 19 Pandemic has significantly changed the way talent is engaged global. Organization and talent are far more open to engage with talent where it is available. The focus has moved from locational availability to the best talent available with no constraints of boundary or location. iQB has unmatched network across multiple countries and tier 1 and tier 2 cities to bring the best through its platform. It's unique ability to connect, track and map candidates helps in bringing the best match to your talent needs.

Platform based, AI enabled approach

iQB is building an iQB Platform to bring together the Enterprises and the Talent available in the market including all the supply side channel and training partners on a common page. The platform will come with an AI based engine to facilitate automatic matching of the Talent with the requirements. It will provide visibility to all the stakeholders and publish the schedule of the curated programs, their progress and status and the availability of the curated resources in the future, for the enterprises to plan accordingly. The platform will also help the Talent to register for the curated programs of their interest and be able to further their career objectives.

  All services under              one roof


Organization often struggle dealing with multiple providers in getting and onboard the right talent. iQB integrates all such needs that ensures that organization as well as candidates get experience without the hassle of dealing with multiple touch points.

Partners, not just employees

iQB see each of its associate as a partner in the company. Our unique incentive structure for our associates ensures they see their growth aligned very tightly with the success of the immediate client and/or project they are engaged on. iQB offers equity participation or stock option plans or profit sharing to 100% of its associates, based on the individual’s profile and the accountability levels.

This ensures ownership of the associates towards the objectives of iQB as well as its clients, which eventually reflects in the productivity levels and the quality of work delivered by the associates. They act as true partners to the clients.

What's our process?

How we work process.png

Level 12, Tower C, DLF Cyber City Complex Building 8, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002


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Level 12, Tower C, DLF Cyber City Complex Building 8, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002


  • Facebook
  • Twitter

© ItalentBee

Level 12, Tower C, DLF Cyber City Complex Building 8, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002


  • Facebook
  • Twitter

© ItalentBee


Understand your talent needs


Design Curated Programs


Find matches in our Talent Pool


Review candidates together


Provide a consolidated 30-60-90 days demand for key skills. It will be a rolling plan and Agree on an assessment criteria

  • Work with clients to agree on a customized model to meet demand 

  • Aggregates demand across clients

  • Design ‘Curated Programs’

  • Aggregate availability across skills, timelines

  • Technical evaluation, Re-skilling paths, Capstone projects

  • Engine to spot, track and match demand

  • Lateral resources available

  • Offer re-skilling paths

  • Mentored to do certifications to meet the assessment criteria

  • Equal focus on the ‘soft skills’

  • Platform to apply filters for matching based on agreed criteria

  • Review and track progress of the curated programs

  • Assess candidates as per the assessment criteria

  • Incorporate learning into future programs


Get Talent Production Ready

Ready Day 1.png

Level 12, Tower C, DLF Cyber City Complex Building 8, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002


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