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Salesforce Customization
Configuration Services

How iQuestBee Tailor the Salesforce 

iQuestBee is ready to conform your Salesforce result in two ways, which differ from each other by the position of impact on the platform, the degree of complexity and costs. 


Salesforce Configuration  

We suggest concluding for Salesforce configuration when the revision of UI, data model and business sense of your Salesforce result with point- and- click tools is enough to meet your conditions. The list of possible configurations includes creating reports and dashboards, workflows and confirmation rules, tabs and apps( collections of tabs grouped to present them to druggies) with dereliction Salesforce tools installing AppExchange operations, etc.


Salesforce Customization 

Still, we offer Salesforce customization, If you need specific Salesforce functionality insolvable to gain with configuration. It implies modifying your result with law. You need to resort to customization, when: 

  • You have large quantities of data and complex business sense that ca n’t be completely covered with dereliction Salesforce functionality. 

  •  dereliction or configured reports dashboards don't reflect all the necessary data about your business processes. 

  • The integration with external systems( like ERP, an ecommerce system,etc.) is pivotal for your business. 

Salesforce  Configuration and Customizations Delivered by iQuestBee

Depending on your business requirements, the complexity of your internal processes and the quantum of data you use, we modify your Salesforce result with dereliction tools or custom development using Lightning Platform.

We add custom objects, fields, and records to your Salesforce result to make it reflect data beyond its standard functionality. Say we're to customize the Salesforce result of a real estate company, whose requirements to track property for trade ca n’t be addressed with dereliction Salesforce objects. For this, we introduce a custom object “ property ” with custom fields inside it. 

We bed business rules into CRM using Apex triggers, which helps to automate deals, service and marketing processes making them easier to observe and manage. 

We automate daily and recreating tasks with workflows and Apex triggers, like transferring dispatch announcements and assigning follow- up tasks. Using workflow tools, like Workflow rules, Reuse Builder, or Apex law for similar robotization supports your workers ’ productivity and spares them from a significant part of their homemade duties.

We enable bulk processing of data, which is a stylish practice to support the growing Salesforce result with operations like mass update of records, daily leads evaluation and other tasks. For this, we load and cancel large sets of data in your Salesforce result and perform multiple record updates with bulk triggers.

We produce custom dispatch templates. They make your emails look as you want them to due to a custom style distance. You can enable custom style wastes and manage dispatch attachments easier due to Salesforce customization capabilities.

We produce custom reports and dashboards for deals, marketing and service professionals when they need better visibility into specific numbers, which ca n’t be duly reflected with standard reporting functionality of Salesforce. We can round custom reports with Apex instructions to recoup this data and present it on the report runner.

We round your Salesforce with Einstein AI, and further customize it in compliance with your conditions. AI- powered features insure precious perceptivity for deals, marketing and service requirements of your business due to suggesting coming-stylish deals conduct, scoring the liability of marketing emails ’ success, automatically classifying and routing service cases, etc.

We perform Salesforce integration with third- party systems, for case, with ERP, ecommerce systems, social media, dispatch,etc., which can tangibly grease collaboration in your association. We use REST/ Cleaner API web services and a range of dereliction tools( like Files Connect) or custom tools developed from scrape to make similar integration possible.


Salesforce implementation consulting

We dissect your business needs and offer the best- suited way to address them with Salesforce capabilities.

Salesforce improvement consulting

We assess your Salesforce result and offer a comprehensive integration and customization plan to enhance its functionality and cover your business needs better.

Salesforce migration consulting

We help you ensure a smooth migration process and take care of the continuity of your business flow.

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