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Salesforce Application Development   

Salesforce operation development services aim to power specific deals, marketing, client service processes regular Salesforce CRM can not address. In CRM development since 2008, ScienceSoft can deliver dependable custom Salesforce apps and apps for AppExchange acclimatized to your unique business requirements.

Key Benefits of Building Custom Salesforce Apps 



Five Year ROI



Months to Payback 



Less Unplanned Downtime

Types of Salesforce Apps We Build

We make dependable and bug-free operations that make Salesforce completely cover our guests ’ or their guests ’ business needs in perfecting or transubstantiating deals, marketing and client service processes. We also make apps that come popular with a large followership and rank grandly on AppExchange.

Custom apps for internal needs:

  • Сomplex apps that add substantial functionality to Salesforce. They cover the needs in improving or transforming internal business processes that can’t be addressed with regular CRM functionality. For example, applications for property management or delivery planning.

  • Small apps to solve a set of specific tasks within Salesforce, like document generation, lead assignment.

Apps for AppExchange:

  • 10 years in CRM

  • 150+ professionals on board

  • A team of certified Salesforce Developers, Architects, Leads and Admins

  • Industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.

Salesforce Implementation Stages 


Salesforce At this stage, we dissect your being business requirements and define business objects that Salesforce should support( be it adding salesmen’s productivity, reducing long deals cycles or creating a comprehensive client view). also we unfold the ways to achieve your business pretensions with Salesforce functionality and suppose about necessary customizations and integrations that make the result completely biddable with your conditions. We also completely plan the perpetration process to perform its every step in due time and stay within the budget.


We can conform your Salesforce result in two ways, which are different in complexity, cost and the position of the platform’s revision. Configuration implies modifying Salesforce dereliction capabilities with point- and- click tools. By discrepancy, customization is a development process, allowing to deeper knitter the platform with Apex law, if large- scale changes are needed to meet your business objects. 



We perform integrations to make your Salesforce result seamlessly work with third- party systems, similar as ERP, ecommerce platforms, document operation systems, and insure increased visibility of data flows across integrated operations.


Data transfer from old CRM 

We easily resettle your data into the new Salesforce result without data loss or corruption, system time-out and impact on your business processes. Due to assaying and structuring your heritage data before the migration, the data remains well- structured and ready to use as soon as it's migrated. To further support data quality after its migration, we develop rules of data structuring( for case, indistinguishable rules). 


User Training 

We give Salesforce training to increase stoner relinquishment and help druggies to acclimatize to the capabilities of the delivered Salesforce-grounded result, make the stylish possible use of Salesforce dereliction and custom features and enhance hand productivity.



After we produce a custom Salesforce- grounded result in the development terrain and QA masterminds test it, the result is migrated to the UAT( stoner Acceptance Testing) terrain where the representatives of the client company can try the result’s functionality and make sure it works asrequired. However, ScienceSoft’s experts launch the new Salesforce result to the product terrain and make it available to the client’s workers, If the client accepts the design.


We provide on-demand after-launch support services at the beginning of the Salesforce usage (for instance, during the first 3 months after launch). These services allow tuning features and taking measures to increase user adoption in addition to user training (resolve any Salesforce-related issues, provide release notes, etc.).

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