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Code of Conduct

Who Are We
  1. Our Code of Conduct is an integral part of our strategic planning and decision-making processes and practices. Its continuously evolving and in adherence adaptations are being rolls out.

  2. IQuestbee’s fundamental principles are represented by the "Vision and Values."IQuestbee's image and reputation as a company that operates in an ethical and legally appropriate manner is inextricably linked to how each of us conducts ourselves on a daily basis. We, the IQuestbee employees, are expected to follow laws and regulations, avoid conflicts of interest, safeguard the Company's assets, and show respect and appreciation for the local customs, traditions, and social mores of the various countries and cultures with which IQuestbee does business. We do not take ethical shortcuts in carrying out our responsibilities within IQuestbee. Improper behaviour will never be in IQuestbee's best interests.

  3. If you have any queries, or if you are disappointed with a decision or course of action, address the issue to a higher level within the IQuestbee organisation. Make certain that you receive sound advice. But most importantly, follow our Code of Conduct and never accept that others will. We must be aware that our values define us in the eyes of the world. As a result, IQuestbee's image and reputation are in each of our hands on a daily basis.

  4. Contents

    1. Following the law and social norms

    2. Individual integrity for IQuestbee's reputation

    3. People's Respect

    4. Safety, health, and the environment are all important considerations.

    5. Potential conflicts of interest

    6. Donations and corporate citizenship

    7. Business partners, public officials, and other representatives are treated fairly.

    8. Competitive and market behaviour

    9. Asset preserving and protection

    10. Contractual risk avoidance

    11. Financial sincerity

  5. Following the law and social norms

  6. IQuestbee is currently present in India.  Thus, operates under the laws and regulations of respective legal systems. Being a good corporate citizen entails adhering to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the communities in which we operate, as well as respecting local traditions and other social norms. Failure to do so could severely harm IQuestbee's reputation and have other negative consequences.

  7. Individual accountability for IQuestbee's reputation

  8. The regard with which IQuestbee is held is heavily influenced by the behaviour and actions of each individual employee, regardless of position within the IQuestbee organisation. As a result, even isolated instances of inappropriate behaviour can have a significant impact on IQuestbee. Personal integrity and a strong sense of responsibility assist us all in determining which response is most appropriate in a given situation. We must constantly ask ourselves:

    • Is my action or decision in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and norms, as well as IQuestbee's values and standards?

    • In all cases, are my actions and decisions free of personal conflicts of interest?

    • Will my decision stand up to public scrutiny?

    • Individual dignity

  9. People's Respect

    1. IQuestbee's continued success depends on our commitment for developing and utilising the diverse talents and energies of all employees globally. Employees and prospective employees are evaluated using equality and fairness principles. IQuestbee employees are hired, compensated, and promoted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

    2. We strive to foster a culture of mutual respect, encouragement, and teamwork. We value a collaborative environment that encourages open communication, continuous learning, and diversity: these are the sources of our strength today and in the future. Our goal is to create a work environment that attracts and retains highly talented and motivated individuals while assisting them in reaching their full potential, regardless of differences or similarities. Each of us is responsible for creating a productive work environment that rewards high performance and a commitment to excellence, as well as an atmosphere of trust and respect. We also recognise our responsibility to respect the personal dignity and privacy rights of all of our employees, customers, and suppliers.

  10. Safety, health, and the environment are all important considerations.

    • IQuestbee and its employees are actively involved in building the communities in which we do business a pleasant place to live and work. Protecting people and the environment, as well as conserving resources, have long been regarded as core values. IQuestbee has been and continues to be committed to socially responsible development, the promotion of safe and healthy working conditions.

    • To be more specific, each of us must:

    • carry out his work and keep his workplace safe;

    • Immediately report any accidents, operational malfunctions, dangerous conditions, chemical spills, or other hazardous conditions that are discovered to the appropriate internal departments so that appropriate measures can be taken to minimise damage and correct the problem.

    • Potential conflicts of interest

  11. Potential conflicts of interest

    • We expect the highest ethical standards from ourselves and those with whom we work. Private interests and IQuestbee's interests must be kept strictly separate. As a result, all employees should avoid situations in which their personal interests clash with those of IQuestbee. Employees of IQuestbee must act in the best interests of IQuestbee in all interactions with current or prospective customers, suppliers, clients, and competitors. The following scenarios, in particular, can give rise to potential conflicts of interest:

  12. Relationships in business

    • Business relationships with a company in which an employee, a relative, or a friend of an employee owns a significant share of the company.

    • A specific transaction with another company in which an employee's relative or friend is involved or has a financial interest on the other company's side.

    • Transactions with former employees or that directly involve an employee's friends or relatives.

    • In the event of a potential conflict of interest, you must notify your manager and wait for IQuestbee's decision on how to proceed.

  13. Private pursuits

  • Integrity and loyalty are also essential when it comes to employee private actions that can have an impact on IQuestbee. All employees must make sure that any additional jobs, side gigs, or free time projects have received prior written approval from your boss or the relevant Human Resources Department if:

  • These actions or associated tasks may have a negative impact on your operational and professional performance;

  • These secondary activities may possibly cause a conflict, or give the impression of a conflict, with IQuestbee and its affiliates' current or future commercial activities.

  • Use of IQuestbee facilities or equipment is required, as well as the use of any operational knowledge or expertise acquired while working for IQuestbee.

  • Employees who intend to execute duties at businesses with whom IQuestbee has commercial contacts or that are competitors must additionally acquire express, written approval from the relevant Human Resources Department.

  1. Social interaction

    • Employee participation in clubs, groups, and other social or cultural organisations that seek widely accepted and legally permissible goals is encouraged at IQuestbee. However, such involvement cannot compromise your ability to carry out your obligations to IQuestbee, your employer. Furthermore, such involvement cannot affect how IQuestbee is regarded. Employees are not allowed to mention their role at IQuestbee while expressing personal opinions in public.

  2. Donations and corporate citizenship

    • IQuestbee makes financial and material donations to social institutions, environmental initiatives, education, science, health, sport, art, and culture as a responsible corporate citizen.

    • The criteria for donations are essentially as follows:

      • need;

      • long-term impact;

      • Transparency, that is, the recipients and specific purpose must be known in order to monitor the proper appropriation of donations;

      • no political contributions;

      • no donations or assistance to organisations or institutions that do not pursue generally recognised and accepted goals

  3. Business partners, public officials, and other representatives are treated fairly.

    • We expect our suppliers and service providers to comply with our ethical standards.

    • IQuestbee's market standing is strengthened by the quality and value of its services. We make decisions based on well-known economic criteria, while adhering to applicable laws, standards, and norms.

    • We are truthful in our interactions with others, abiding by all applicable laws and regulations governing fraud, bribery, and corruption, and avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

  4. Acceptance and distribution of inducements, gifts, and favours

    • To maintain the trust of others and long-term relationships, we recognise the importance of avoiding even the appearance of a conflict between personal interests and IQuestbee's interests. As IQuestbee employees, we recognise our responsibility to conduct ourselves in such a way that no personal dependencies, obligations, or commitments arise. We must not allow gifts or any other type of benefit or incentive to influence our business decisions and actions. It is understood that giving or accepting such gifts may expose IQuestbee to legal liability while also jeopardising our customer relationships and reputation.

    • To that end, no IQuestbee employee may, directly or indirectly, demand, accept, offer, or grant unethical incentives or rewards in the course of their business activity. This applies to individuals, businesses, and public institutions.

    • In particular, no inducements of any kind may be offered or granted to any public official, whether at home or abroad. This is true for any type of favour, benefit, gift, payment, or other consideration. The only recognised exception is generally accepted customary, occasional, or promotional small-value gifts in accordance with local mores and customs. Acts of hospitality and other favours are also permitted, as long as they are legal and of verifiably small value.

    • To avoid any suspicion of attempting to influence business decisions, strict standards are applied when determining the value of a consideration and determining whether the consideration is in accordance with local mores and customsApproval

  • If employees intend to offer someone a gift or favour and have even the slightest doubt that it will influence a decision, they must request that acceptance be approved by the recipient's managers. If the recipient refuses, this should be interpreted as an indication that they find the gift inappropriate.

  • Employees of IQuestbee are also required to obtain approval from their managers before accepting gifts or favours if there are any doubts about their propriety.

  .Laundering of funds


No employee shall, either alone or in collaboration with others, engage in any activities that violate domestic or foreign money laundering regulations. If there are any doubts about the legality of a cash transaction, the relevant financial department should be consulted as soon as possible.

Competitive and market behaviour


IQuestbee and its employees are unconditionally committed to fair competition principles and must obey by the antitrust and fair competition laws of the countries in which IQuestbee does business.

Because accurate legal assessment is dependent on the complexities of the laws in question as well as the unique circumstances of each situation, an attorney from IQuestbee's Law Group should be consulted whenever there is any doubt. Nonetheless, certain types of behaviour are typically considered a violation of competition laws:


Interactions and relationships with competitors


Agreements with competitors are prohibited, as is coordinated behaviour aimed at or causing a restraint or limitation on competition. Prices, quotations, terms and conditions of sale, production or sales quotas, and the apportionment or allocation of customers, territories, markets, or product portfolios are examples of such agreements. Not only are formal agreements prohibited, but so is coordinated behaviour resulting from, say, informal discussions or gentlemen's agreements aimed at or giving rise to such a restraint on competition.


We must implement stringent controls in our interactions with rivals to make sure we don't give or receive any information that could lead to inferences about the present or future market behaviour of the information giver. As a result, before starting a collaborative activity that entails speaking with rivals, a Company attorney should always be consulted. It is not advisable to receive from or discuss with a competitor any current or prospective information regarding price, margins, costs, market share, internal proprietary procedures, sales terms, or specific customer or vendor information.


Customer interactions


Several legal rules pertaining to fair competition regulate our interactions with our clients, vendors, and patent or licensee holders. Employees of IQuestbee will not take any action in compliance with these rules and regulations that would limit a customer's price freedom or interfere with supply agreements with their business partners (geographical, personal or material restraints). Employees of IQuestbee will not support unauthorised tying and resale agreements.


Meetings of trade and professional associations


While attendance and participation in such meetings on behalf of IQuestbee may be important in furthering corporate objectives, it is also recognised that such meetings may pose a potential antitrust/fair competition risk due to contacts with competitors during the meeting. Employees of IQuestbee are only permitted to attend meetings of legitimate trade and professional associations that are held for legitimate business purposes. It is preferable to take and distribute meeting minutes. Any benchmarking or comparative data provided must be fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. When in doubt, contact a IQuestbee corporate attorney.


Asset protection and competitively sensitive information protection


All employees share responsibility for the protection of IQuestbee's tangible and intangible assets within their scope of work. Property such as Company products, equipment, facilities, vehicles, computers and software, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, charge cards, files, and other records are examples of physical assets. Intangible assets include informational assets developed by IQuestbee employees or agents that is not generally known to the public (i.e. business secrets and/or know-how), industrial proprietary rights, technologies, and other items of information that are valuable, important, and thus require protection. Information provided by suppliers, customers, and other business partners may also need to be safeguarded.


Corporate property used for personal gain


Employees may only use installations, systems, facilities, and equipment in IQuestbee's offices and other corporate property for non-Company purposes with the written approval of appropriate levels of management or in accordance with special corporate guidelines/rules.


Confidential information handling


Employees are required to keep all internal IQuestbee matters that have not been expressly approved for release into the public domain confidential.

It is not permitted to communicate confidential internal information (for example, business strategies, research results, or the contents of internal reports) to unauthorised personnel either inside or outside IQuestbee. This also applies to confidential information received by employees from third parties. If your job requires you to disclose certain confidential information to third parties, specific manager approval is required, and a confidentiality agreement, approved by a Company attorney and signed by the third party that will receive the confidential information, should be considered.


Employees who learn of confidential information not approved for release into the public domain as a result of their association with IQuestbee are not permitted to use this information for their personal benefit or the benefit of any other person.


Contractual risk avoidance


IQuestbee takes its contractual partners' obligations seriously. To avoid misunderstandings and unintended consequences, IQuestbee's risk management system requires that all employees who are responsible for the conclusion of agreements and contracts perform a careful assessment of the contractual duties and terms, as well as the risks that may arise from such agreement, prior to such conclusion. Because of the complexities and legal implications of commercial agreements, as well as the possibility of conflict with other corporate relationships,


Financial integrity


Our financial reporting must be correct and truthful at all times in order to maintain the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, business partners, communities, and government officials.


System of reporting


All records and reports intended for public consumption must be prepared on time and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Accounting procedure


IQuestbee's assets, financial transactions, operating positions, and cash flows must be accurately recorded and openly reflected in the Company's records and public documents in accordance with existing legal requirements as well as internationally recognised accounting standards. In every location where IQuestbee does business, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We, the IQuestbee employees, strive to do the right thing.


Violation reporting, enforcement, and sanctions


The provisions of this Code of Conduct form the foundation of IQuestbee's corporate culture. This document, however, should not be interpreted as a basis for demanding that IQuestbee adopt a specific mode of behaviour. We, the employees of IQuestbee, recognise that employees who violate any laws, regardless of whether they are covered by our Code of Conduct or other Company policies, may face disciplinary action, including termination. IQuestbee managers may also be disciplined for failing to detect a violation in their area if the Company believes the failure was due to inadequate employee supervision.




IQuestbee strives to provide its employees with the information and training they need to avoid situations that may violate the law, our Code of Conduct, or other Company policies. Employees may, however, seek advice from their line managers or the Legal, Audit, or Human Resources departments if they are unsure.




The Company will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or discriminate against an employee in any other way.

Values & Vision


Conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, bribery, and unethical behaviour


All IQuestbee employees are expected to be completely dedicated to the company. We make decisions in the best interests of our company and strive to avoid situations in which our personal interests or outside influences conflict or appear to conflict with those of the company.

Examples of Common Conflicts of Interest

Outside of IQuestbee, employment and affiliations.


A second job that provides services to or consults with businesses that do business with or are in direct competition with IQuestbee may present a conflict of interest and needs manager approval. If the work or services were for a corporation you deal with on the job, such activities or engagements would never be acceptable.


Close relatives are employed.


If a close relative works for a IQuestbee customer, competitor, or supplier, and the relative may be involved with you as part of your job responsibilities, you should notify your manager immediately. A relative should not have a business relationship with you as a IQuestbee employee, anyone working in your business unit, or anyone reporting to you.

  • Internal Employment of Relatives; If internal employment of relatives elsewhere in the company, or a personal relationship, may interfere with your duties or raise a conflict of interest, your manager or Compliance Representative should be notified so that management can change the reporting or working relationship or take additional appropriate steps.

  • Directors' boards Accepting a position on the board of directors of another organisation (including positions in non-profit organisations) may occasionally create a conflict of interest. You must obtain written approval from your manager before accepting such a position.

  • Investing. Employee investments in competitors, customers, or suppliers of IQuestbee may create a conflict of interest. If the investment is significant and may influence your judgement as a IQuestbee employee, prior written approval from your manager is required. Please keep in mind that these rules also apply to business contacts with potential suppliers and customers. 

  • General Advice


General Advice

Any apparent conflict of interest should be fully explained to your manager in order to obtain prior written permission. If you are unsure about your priorities or your behaviour in a potential conflict of interest situation or business relationship, consider your answers to the following questions and contact your Compliance Representative for further guidance if one of the answers is "Yes":

  • Will my activity influence or appear to influence any decision I make for IQuestbee?

  • Might others within the company or my co-workers believe it could impair my judgement or interfere with my job duties


Entertainment and gifts

As IQuestbee employees, we interact with a variety of suppliers and customers who are critical to the company's success. Relationships with suppliers, customers, and other third parties, as a result, necessitate clear commitments to fair dealing and sound business decisions. The exchange of excessive gifts and entertainment may have an impact on our ability to make decisions free of any conflict of interest. Ordinarily, nominal gifts and entertainment would not cause a conflict or give the appearance of impropriety if local business practise and customs permit the offer and acceptance of inexpensive gifts or mementos and modest entertainment. Expensive gifts and entertainment are never appropriate. If a legitimate business reason or local business practise allows it.


Definition of Gifts and Entertainment

  1. Gifts and entertainment can generally refer to anything of value. The possibilities are limitless, and the following examples are provided solely for illustrative purposes:


  1. Cash or cash equivalent, discounts or preferential terms on products or services (except if granted to all IQuestbee employees), loans, prizes, transportation, use of vehicles, use of vacation facilities, gift certificates, stocks, watches, calendars, pens, or other promotional items and accessories, and so on. Entertainment:

  2. Business meals, sporting events, hotel reservations, and so on.


Gifts and entertainment that are appropriate or inappropriate

  1. IQuestbee has defined appropriate and inappropriate gifts and entertainment into two broad categories. Gifts and entertainment are either customarily permitted or permitted with prior approval. Gifts and entertainment that are permitted and do not require special approval must be nominal in value (up to INR 500 ) and considered a matter of common business courtesy under local business practise. Entertainment must be linked to a legitimate business goal. In general, if they are consistent with local law, industry, and business practise, the following modest expressions of goodwill are acceptable:

  2. You may wish to obtain prior written approval from your manager for any entertainment offered to you that exceeds a market value of INR 500 in a single case (or from any one source in a year). The same is true if you are offered multi-day travel or entertainment or limited public access/contingent special event entertainment (for example, "Soccer World cup").

  3. In general, if you are considering accepting or approving a gift or entertainment, even if it is within the above-mentioned limits, you should always keep the following issues in mind:

    • Is it likely that the gift or entertainment will influence your objectivity?

    • Is the gift or entertainment related to business?

    • Will your acceptance or approval set a precedent for future employees?

    • Would you expect negative feedback if your acceptance/approval was made known to other IQuestbee employees, the general public outside your company, or your friends or family?

  4. Gifts and entertainment that are inappropriate

Accepting gifts or entertainment is inappropriate or wrong in a number of cases, and IQuestbee employees are asked to never accept or approve it:

  • if the gift is cash, cash convertible, or cash equivalent, such as a money transfer, bank check, loan; or

  • if the gift or entertainment is illegal or would result in a violation of the law; or

  • if the gift or entertainment embodies an immoral activity or violates mutually accepted principles of respect, religion, or culture (including, but not limited to, sexually oriented activity);


What to Do If You Receive an Inappropriate Gift

Any gift that would be wrong or inappropriate according to the principles outlined above must be returned immediately, and your manager should be notified. A letter to the donor addressing IQuestbee's gift policy may be issued where appropriate and to prevent further impropriety.

Gifts and entertainment for third parties

The above-mentioned IQuestbee rules for accepting gifts and entertainment apply when gifts and entertainment are offered by IQuestbee employees to suppliers, customers, or other third parties with a business relationship with IQuestbee. The aforementioned guidelines also apply to IQuestbee employees who make gifts to third parties in order to:

  1. No gift should be made in excess of the above-mentioned limits, and

  2. Entertainment should not occur if its nominal value exceeds INR 400.- (or a lower amount consistent with local business practise) in a single case or to any one person or organisation in a year. Any deviation from the foregoing requires your manager's prior written approval.


Anti-Corruption Compliance - Gifts, Entertainment, or Other Favors to Government Officials

As IQuestbee employees, we strictly refrain from directly or indirectly offering money or anything else of value to government officials in order to avoid influencing, or appearing to influence, official decisions and actions. Most countries have anti-bribery laws in place, which include fines, criminal penalties (including possible imprisonment), and costly enforcement actions, as well as high damage penalties for both the company and its employees who are found guilty or involved in bribery activity. Furthermore, activities that violate anti-bribery laws may severely harm IQuestbee's reputation and the reputations of IQuestbee's employees, as well as subject innocent third parties to vicarious liability. The term "government official" shall include any individual for the purposes of this provision.

General Advice

No IQuestbee employee shall promise, offer, or provide any gift or other contribution of any value, kind, or nature to government officials, whether directly, indirectly, or through an intermediary.

  • No IQuestbee employee may directly, indirectly, or through an intermediary provide meals, travel, or entertainment to government officials. The only exception to the preceding rule may be when the meal, entertainment, and transportation are only on occasion.

  • directly and in good faith related to a legitimate business event involving the government official in official activity,

  • has a reasonable, moderate price, and

  • after careful consideration, if strictly in accordance with local laws and practises. Any such offer to government officials or employees will always require your manager's prior written approval.


IQuestbee Funds and Asset Protection, "Internal Gifts"

Employees at IQuestbee are dedicated to safeguarding and managing the company's funds and assets with complete transparency. We do not use our position at IQuestbee, or any of its funds or assets, to enrich ourselves or others within or outside of IQuestbee. As a result, IQuestbee funds and assets are never available for unauthorised donations or other benefits, such as personal or private use, and must only be used for "company purposes," such as:

  • as giving entity if in IQuestbee's name; or

  • if expressly stated in an individual or collective employment contract; or

  • if it is connected to a valid business case or a company event; or

  • if linked to individual or collective IQuestbee official proceedings; or

  • whether the incentive is individual or collective, and

  • whether individual or collective incentives were properly rewarded and recorded.

  • A personal gift to a coworker's retirement is usually not in IQuestbee's name, but a private disposition, other than the Administrative Assistant's official company anniversary, is usually sent in IQuestbee's name.


Commercial Bribery and Unethical Business Practices

Commercial bribery is illegal in most countries and is punishable by criminal prosecution and penalties, not to mention loss of reputation and severe civil or criminal penalties. Worse, commercial bribery jeopardises fair trade and market competition. The goal of IQuestbee is to gain customers and consumers for its products through product quality and value, not through illegal and unfair means.


As a result, any personal payment, bribe, kickback, or similar received by IQuestbee employees is strictly prohibited, as is any offering of personal payments, bribes, or similar by IQuestbee employees to customers, suppliers, or other third parties doing business with IQuestbee. This prohibition on offering or receiving such payments applies even in areas where such practises are tacitly tolerated or where local law may provide for lower ethical standards.


To help establish fair market conditions and address the situation, IQuestbee employees should immediately report any offer of improper payment to their manager or a member of the IQuestbee Law Group. For the avoidance of doubt, improper payments, bribes, or similar include any and all benefits, including cash, cash equivalents, any kind of valuable services, or other benefits of value, offered to the employee, his family, or relatives in error.

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